VersionTECH Left Handed Gaming Mouses Left Handed Mouse 4000 DPI

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VersionTECH Left Handed Gaming Mouses Wired Left Handed Mouse 4000 DPI

The VersionTech Left Handed Gaming Mouse is a Wired Left Handed Mouse with Plug & Play capability to be recognized when plugged into your USB port.  Adjustable DPI up to 4000 allows the speed necessary for any gaming application with ability to slow done for business uses.  The modes of the buttons can be changed from Right mode to Left mode easily.  The VersionTech Left Handed Gaming Mouse offers Changeable Side Plates and LED RGB Illumination Light.  This USB wired mouse is compatible with Windows Laptops, PC Computers, MAC Desktops, Notebooks, and nearly anything designed to use a mouse and having a USB port.

Left Handed Mouses are the perfect gift for any lefty who has to spend hours on the computer for their job or doing homework.  When competing with other gamers a left handed person is at a major disadvantage if they are forced to use a right hand designed mouse.  The VersionTech Left Handed Gaming Mouse gives the left handed user the ability to compete without any handicap.

  • Right Hand/Left Hand Design: The button functions can be changed to Left Handed mode or Right Handed mode easily.  Function of Right or Left button changes according to the different mode.  Regardless of your handedness you will get along with it immediately.  Sharing your game station with a right handed sibling or coworker requires only a quick change to the setup mode for them to be able to adapt to this device.  Functionality can then be changed back just as quickly to a left handed mouse when you need to use it again. 
  • Changeable Side Plates:  Different size hands can be accommodated by different mouse shapes changed according to your needs.
  • 4000 DPI: Press the DPI button on the mouse to change to different DPI speeds of 1000/1500/2000/4000.  For normal use, like web page browsing, 1000 DPI is enough.  For games which need to press the mouse speedily change to 4000 DPI.
  • COMPATIBLE SYSTEM: VersionTech Left Handed Gaming Mouse is compatible with Laptops, PC Computer, MAC Desktop, Notebooks.  Normally, if the device has a USB port, it will work.
  • Illumination Light: By pressing the light button on mouse it shifts to different LED light mode as needed. Vivid Fascinating RGB streamer effect on the VersionTech Left Handed Gaming Mouse is designed to highlight the game atmosphere.

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