YUMQUA Y-10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses Plug/Play USB Finger Mouses

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YUMQUA Y-10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses Plug/Play USB Mouses

The YUMQUA Y10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses like all Finger Mouses can be used by either hand.  Left Handed Mouses will make life easier for left handed people to stay efficient.  It Fits Right and Left Handed Users.  Great for sufferers of Carpal Tunnel. 

This mouse is used by slipping it on your index finger and holding it in a handshake position. Your thumb can now be used to move the trackball, scroll, and click the left and right buttons.

Another advantage is it doesn’t require any surface to work and can even be used mid-air.  The finger mouse is the best design for standing as in doing presentations because no surface area is needed to operate.  The YUMQUA Y10 Left Handed Trackball Mouse is ergonomically designed to exert little strain on the wrists.  It is a great alternative for people with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms or arthritis.  Left Handed Mouses are the perfect gift for any lefty who has to spend hours on the computer for their job or doing homework.

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The YUMQUA Y10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses are Plug/Play compatible for Computer/Laptop/Mac


–The YUMQUA Y-10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses can be operated in various ways to ensure long-term use without harm to wrist or muscle.

–No limitation of operational space.

–Avoid sitting closely to the monitor and reduce the harm of radiation and eye fatigue.

–Plug and play ,no software required.

–Fits right or left handed users.

–Works well for browsing and reading.

–Great for traveling


  • USB  Wired Trackball Mouse.
  • The Plug and play feature means no software required. Interface PS/2 or USB.
  • Ambidextrous design: Trackball Mouse for right or left-handed users.
  • The YUMQUA Y-10 Left Handed Trackball Mouses can greatly ease the harm of palm joint or muscle for long time using mouse.
  • Compatible system: Windows,Linux,Mac OS.

Package Including:

1 x Trackball Mouse Wired

1 x User Manual

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