Left Handed Shooting is the most difficult of all tasks to accomplish with tools designed for a right handed person.  Any coordination of eye to hand is made extremely difficult if you are looking down a sight window with your non-dominant eye.  You need tables, holsters, and sights that let you get to your gun or bow with the left hand.

Shooting tables designed for right handed people make you lean right.  This completely backwards for Left Handed Shooting where you need to support with your left elbow and lean left to gt your dominant left eye over the sight path.

Acquiring a hand gun to defend yourself or a loved one can cost your life if it takes you extra seconds to adjust from pulling it on your right side and switching hands or reaching across your body to get it from your right side.  Left Handed Shooting in this case demands you to have Left Handed Holsters.  Or at least get one that is ambidextrous so you are not forced to carry on your right side.  Here at Lefty World we have you covered with a wide selection of Left Handed Holsters fitted the gun you carry.

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