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About 10% percent of the population of this world is left handed. Left handed people are considered to be the odd one out. It’s good to be the odd one. Being a left handed can surely be the more interesting than being an ordinary right handed person. But the problem arises when you get to see that almost every gadgets, tools and merchandise are made is such a way that it feels most comfortable in a right hand. Proper left handed scissors have the blades reversed so you can see your cutting line and get a clean cut. If the top blade is not on the left as you look while you are cutting, they are not left handed! Find products made just for you in our great selection of left handed products.  Your should not be penalized for being left handed making it more time consuming to locate good products to purchase for yourself or that left handed relative or friend.  The one thing you can be assured of at Lefty World is all you find on this site are left handed items.

If you personally are not left handed and don’t get what all the fuss is about, check out this page here.

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