Lefty-World has ONLY products for Leftys

At Lefty World, we specialize in products for left-handers. If you’re left handed (ie. left-hand dominant), there are certain struggles you know to be true — like when the side of your hand smears your own writing. If this sounds like you, then your money is best spent on left handed products for left-handed people that will make life (and your handwriting) so much better. We have searched to find great products that are designed for you and to make life easier. A few product types you can find here are Left Handed Holsters, Left Handed Golf Clubs, Left Handed Pens, Left handed Gloves, and Left Handed Computer Mouses.  Thank you for shopping with Lefty World. 

Left Handed Products Ship Free!

We offer only the best left handed products without sorting through right handed items.  Contact us for any questions or suggested left handed items

Featured Products

We are dedicated to providing a one stop shopping location for left handed people.  It is not fair that to find an item you want you need to analyze and weed out items that only work for right handed people.  Whether the item is for you or that special left handed person in your life, we want you to locate it quickly.  Once you find any item on Lefty-World.com be confident the item is not designed only for right handed people.  

Our devotion to serving the left handed people in this world leaves us thirsty for your feedback on items you would like to see offered.  Currently we identified left handed holsters, left handed golf clubs, left handed gloves, left handed shears, left handed scissors, left handed pens, left handed notebooks, and the left handed computer mouse.

We are separating ourselves from the competition by offering a good buying experience and quality customer service.  All items ship free and come with 30 day return policy.  If you’re not satisfied we are not happy.

If you got to this page and don’t understand the struggles of left handed people check out this article.